Melissa’s work with finger puppets is a great innovation for IFS therapists! It is an easy, simple method for helping clients separate from and map out their inner systems and then to work with their parts in a concrete way that brings the process to life.
— Dick Schwartz
I wish you could have been in our session to see the level of work and the transformation taking place. We would never have gotten to the deepest parts without these puppets to incite or encourage the memories and emotions to come up.
— CG, Baltimore
I love doing parts work with puppets! The visual and tactile aspects they introduce to inner work help me deepen the relationships I have with my parts. Their playful nature also adds a lightness to the process, which helps me put things into perspective and make space.
— Andre Marques
The puppets added playfulness and a way to “get” parts when visualizing is hard to do. I enjoyed using them!
What a gift! These puppets have transformed the work I have been doing in therapy. Understanding the concept of “parts” of me is now so clear. In addition I can laugh at the recognition of a part, which accelerates the healing. We have been able to make the connection of emotional patterns faster using the puppets.
— CG, Baltimore
I plan to use them with my teenage children at home. When conversations get stuck, the puppets may be the answer. Or a conversation starter.
— CG, Baltimore
The inspiration of using puppets for therapy is brilliant. I can’t thank you enough for developing the system. The creativity and quality of these little yarn creatures is fabulous. The attention to detail and the quality is top notch.
— CG, Baltimore
Such a clever creative way to be with parts. Wonderful for unblending! Also felt a lot of compassion for the adorable puppets!
— Bonnie Schur
It was great to witness the externalization & unblending happen so seamlessly!
— Tish Miller
At first I was wary of the puppets and didn’t even want to look at them. Since the second day of working with them that changed dramatically. It feels like I have a new way of communicating without struggling to explain.
— CG, Baltimore
I have already used the puppets in two sessions with truly beautiful process leading to healing/unburdening. I used it with two clients who were not comfortable going inside and the puppets helped them unblend and begin relationship with their parts. Just awesome!
I was given the puppets as a gift...and have started using them in my therapy practice. They have been invaluable in helping clients reach a deeper level of emotional connection and inner truth. Such a wonderful gift!
— Lynsay Smith, RN, LMHC