Can I swap out one or more of the puppets I received in a set for different ones?

Because of the way I order and configure finger puppet sets, the sets are not customizable or returnable. Here's why! 

I deeply wish I were set up to make it easy to swap out puppets, but when I buy them, they come in lots where I just get what they send me. Since I don’t have the full range of puppets — only the ones I got originally in the lot they sent — it’s unlikely I would have the ones you are looking for.

Even if I might have one or two of the ones you’re looking for, finding a way to swap them out is also very challenging. I spend hours sorting through them to create sets that don’t have overlapping puppets. (Some lots might have eight birds and only one bear, etc). Then I spend another hour bagging them all up, and by the time I’m done doing all that, the sets have taken a lot of effort to create!!

To swap out puppets would mean I would have to somehow get your specific individual puppets you want to swap, then make sure the ones you want to swap do not mess up another set (because perhaps if I swap a cow for an owl, that would leave another set with two owls). The overlapping situation is very tight and it would literally take re-engineering every single set I have to make this happen, which I hope you understand I can’t do, besides the fact I probably don’t have all the ones you want to swap in the first place. 

I hope this helps. I do understand the desire to have each puppet be exactly the right one, and if I could find a way to help with this, I would, but it’s just not feasible with how I order and organize the sets. Even the supplier only offers organic individual puppets online — they don’t offer the acrylic or natural organic. Another issue is that each puppet is unique so when you order one, it might be a different color or facial expression than what you are hoping for. I have wanted specific puppets in the past (like a red dragon), and in order to get one, I had to order 20 dragons and hope for a red one. They are a challenge that way! 

Also, if I swap a puppet out, then technically it is a ‘used’ puppet, and when people buy sets they are trusting me that the puppets are new. Even though I know the puppet is clean and unused and all that, it is not fair to someone else that they got a ‘used’ puppet. So for that reason, I also can’t swap puppets. Thanks for understanding! 

Can I order individual puppets from you? 

No, I don't sell them individually. If you want individual puppets, it is possible to order organic individual puppets online from the supplier I buy them from at They only offer organic, not natural organic or acrylic, but they would have the individual ones you are looking for. They are $6 per puppet plus shipping, which is around $12. 

What are other ways to find individual puppets? 

Fair trade stores like Ten Thousand Villages sometimes sell finger puppets (or at least they have in the past) and it might be possible to see if they have any that you can look at individually in person. Or you could contact Lucuma and ask if they can tell you if there are puppets retailers in your area.